On the third day, we needed to further develop our concepts that were come up with yesterday. So in the morning we were busy optimizing the ideas and consulted with Bernhard and Felix on technical problems.




At around 10 o’clcok, we started presenting the concepts in turn with the help of posters on the wall. It is evident that  many groups had made much progress after careful and thorough analysis.

Group 1

When it comes to the concept “Rescute”, a more detailed explanation was given about the 3 steps to scare the attackers. As the first step, a kind of scaring light comes from the eyes and the bear turns the head. If it does not work, the police siren goes off as the 2. step. The last step will be sound like dogs’  frightening snarl.




Group 2 

The determination of final concepts seems to be a bit complicated for group 2 due to the technical difficulties encountered before.

However, the primary concept about toy railway was picked up again in the end. Some improvement was done such as the self-making shell of the toy train using laser cutter instead of refitment of an existing one, and oval Easter egg instead of round shaped Ping-Pong ball etc.



Group 3

The conccept “Togebear” of group 3 kept almost the same as one day before, The so-called Togebear can smell, listen, spreak and give light to interact with the person one speaks to.



Group 4

Group 4 had already done a lot so far, the emphasis was put on the technical aspect while the idea kept unchanged. Details on functions, challenges to be overcome were explained.



Group 5



Group 6

Group 6 decided for the concept “Ghost Polaroid”. Except for showing some ghost-related effects mentioned on the second day, group 6 were concentrated on the technical aspects including the  transfer of photos from the camera to the computer, image processing program, a print-out program and establishment of a big shell.




After the lunch break Felix made an introduction to the laboratory and laser cutter, during which we got familiar with the electronics and tools for prototyping, as well. Then some groups begun directly with the implementation. Other groups might be inspired by the inconspicuous but fairly useful tools and improved their ideas accordingly. The whole afternoon was really very flexible for all groups to arrange themselves. Group 5 went to the shop on the Türkenstraße in search of springs which are not available in the lab.

IMG_6471  IMG_6461











Some interesting experiments to test the feasibility implemented by Group 2.

Paper prototype made by Group 2: