Day 6 – A final sprint

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Only one day left for the final presentation! Some teams had already completed their main features and  concentrated on improving or adding new functions on them. Some teams were under deadline pressure because they met some new problems about the features of their prototype. Therefore, all groups worked very hard (some even stay up all night!),  preparing for the  show-time on Wednesday. The detail progress of the individual group is presented  in the following.


Group 1

Team Rescue had an intensive but enjoyable day. Their LEDs in the eyes shined, the perfume in the belly sprayed. After choosing the right transistor they met a frustration about the contact problem: the loudspeaker didn’t work. After checking of their arduino programs and also with the help of our teacher they solved it finally by using a second loudspeaker!  Then they were somehow relieved and could optimize their teddy bear for the show-time tomorrow.



Group 2

The “train” team has seen a little frustrated. After completing building shell with the laser cutter, they had problems with the electronic circuit,which was considered at first easy to do: The servos for popup of the Easter eggs didn’t work well. Under deadline pressure they worked all night with only two hours sleep. Thank goodness,  they finally got it! The train fulled with Easter eggs was steering for success.



Group 3

Team Togebear had an easy day. They had solved the equipotential problem with an appropriate transistor. All they need to do was putting the space spray in Togebear. Now was the cute Togebear totally alive. Maybe they tried adding some new features on them? Let’s see how would the Togebear surprise us tomorrow!



Group 4

Team Looping Louie seemed to have an relaxed day as well. They have completed all electronics and mechanic buildings after four days hard working with probably the most complicated hardware elements: sensors, motor, position and hit detection, potentiometer… Respect!

In the afternoon they tested it together with Eva and it worked so good. We couldn’t wait to enjoy the game tomorrow!





Group 5

Team Madlab made a good progress. After finishing the main features, they kept on building the additional game board with tilt sensor, which connected to Servomotors. Furthermore they pasted a large amount of  LEDs under Madlab Box, which turned on if the ball was running through it. It was not an easy job: one wire goes wrong, others don’t work.

Cheer up!




Group 6

Team Ghostcamera had a dramatic day with happy and depression. They had already completed all the technical features and started building the old-style camera box with laser cutter. In the afternoon they attempt to take a test picture, but the problem came. Because of a USB connect error, the picture couldn’t completely show up in the computer, like a true ghost picture! They had checked the USB wires connected to the arduino program but it seemed to be no problem. After a long time search they found the point: in the arduino program they wrote a delay function of only 2 second, which was too short for a USB connect.  After extending it to 5 second, it worked perfectly.




It was a long day for the final sprint.Were all the groups ready for the end presentation tomorrow? Let’s see!

Day 6: The Panic Level

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The last full day for our projects. Somehow the presentation on friday came to everyone’s mind more and more. Some teams were affected by this thought more than others. The following post will show the progressing “Panic Level” measured throughout they whole day.

9:00 AM: Let’s get started

Team 1: They took their toaster back home for some fine-tuning. At the lab these improvements should be tested. Also toast was laser cut.



Team 2: Working with another mp3-Player and sewing the poor bears wounds.

Team 3: Getting the last needed switch from the old walkman to work and communicate with the Arduino.

Team 4: Everything technical is working fine. What to do? Develop some funny and entertaining game modes.

Team 5: Finishing the case of the dropbox and finally get on with the logic programmed for the Arduino.

Team 6: One person coding and the other building a case for the Arduino below the ORB they seem pretty relaxed.


Light it!

11:30 AM: First results of the day

Team 1: A method for calibrating the breadcrumb drawer is being developed. Meanwhile the MIDI transmission goes on.

Team 2: Frustrated at the moment -> no comments given

Team 3: Working on closing circuits via Arduino.


Loads of wires for a small walkman

Team 4: Two game modes have been developed and multiple levels are designed by hand.


Sebastian is already testing the game

Team 5: The box case is finished. Hardware and core features work. Yay!

Team 6: Sensor classification on the one hand and updating the output device on the other one.

2:30 PM: After the lunch break



Team 1: Reading spots in the breadcrumb drawer works and it is auto-calibrated at the start. Also functionality to the buttons of the toaster should be added.

Team 2: Another mp3-Player down. (The third?), at least the teddy’s movement is progressing.

Team 3: Toggling keyboard shortcuts with Arduino and transistors.

Team 4: Still working on new levels. Can’t wait to play.

Team 5: The box is working and the plexiglass will be layered. As everything works smooth LED lighting is planned.


Pretty acryl box

Team 6: The input sensors are ready and software is coded. Meanwhile the output device’s contacts are being re-soldered.

6 PM: Most other project days were over by that time

Team 1: The calibrating method is being improved and a MIDI cable is integrated in the project.


Under the toaster’s surface

Team 2: The mp3-Players audio signal is strengthened for better output quality. Next project step is to integrate the stepper with the teddy bear.


Teddy Head

Team 3: Starting to solder everything together, a lot of wires indeed. Thanks to color-coded wires one could keep track of what to connect.

Team 4: After everything worked some problems with the servo motors aroused. Working hard on fixing them.

Team 5: The LED lighting is in progress. The box is coming alive.

Team 6: Changing the LED colours for different settings.


Early at night: Who needs sleep?

Team 1: Getting food and trunks to be prepared for a long night.

Team 2: ” ” ” ” ” ” “


Teddy ❤

Team 3: Big soldering session.


Walkman wired

Team 4: The team has left to buy some new servos and save energy for the last final hours on Day 7.

Team 5: Bringing the box to life. Maybe making sounds?


Turn the lights on

Team 6: Bernhard commented on the team’s status: “Dichter und Denker”

The Panic Level


The evolution of the “Panic Level” curve clearly shows some changes throughout the day. But it gives proof that all teams worked hard on their projects and didn’t give up. The end of the day hints: Everything will be fine for the presentation.

Day 6 – Go for gold!

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At 9:00 am we continued to work on our prototypes. For most groups it was the day of putting things together and testing the software and the interface. Of course this created a bit of chaos. But things turned out to be fine 🙂

Group ‘Interactive GeoCaching Box’ worked on the LEDs and the software functions. The prototype flag could already show the right direction.

Group ‘PEO – Personal Energy Orp’ tried a wireless transmittion but it didn’t work out, so they had to find another way to do it.

Group ‘Tom’ build and rebuild their flag and could already present the directions. With the laser cutted acryl glas is already looked wonderful.

Group ‘Energy Fight’ worked on the composition of their box components and started to test the game. The game board was improved by colour codes for the players.

Group ‘Environment Jukebox’ worked on integrating more sensors and building the radio box. The produced music already sounded great.

Group ‘Team Twist’ cutted a lot lot lot of acryl glas and build new sensors. The different levels were implemented.

Day 6: A long day

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The last day before the course’s end started.

Some teams had already comleted their protoypes’ main features and thus could concentrate on optimizing them and implementing additional features. Team “Bird hat” surprised with its needlework skills once again and created a wool bobble as input option for their inflatable hat. Teams “Blowfish” and “Ambileon” mainly dealed with their prototypes’ looks.


Meanwhile, other teams were busy to complete their prototypes on the whole and were forced to work through a twelve-hour day. Verena, assistant of the course, fortunately agreed to stay until 9:30 pm. During this time, three duplicates of the glow worm prototype were built, and team “Venus flytrap” was able to implement the program logic for their electronic plant.

We were pleased that a little guest visited us and stayed the whole day: Hendriks son came to test some prototypes and so sweetened our stressful day.

The end is near

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Oh – what a productive day!

After the third day of our projects, there are just a few hours left to complete our works and to present the results to our lecturers and to other interested people. Therefore, all of us worked really hard and concentrated during that day and we can show you some interesting improvements of the prototypes we are developing.

Group A – Interactive Wardrobe:

Today, we connected almost the whole electronic, our board of buttons and two separates modules. Our problem for that moment is the communication between the two modules that is currently not working.

Group B – Interactive door mat

Today we reached out that all the LEDs are working well. We also wrote our Software for the communication with arduino and the mat. Our current problem is now, that our input method is not working correctly. The output works and the LEDs are blinking but our software doesn’t communicate with the mat.

Group C – Coffee Timer

Today we had our hardware final touch. But the big problem for that moment is, that Processing doesn’t work with our servos and we planed our project with processing. So it will cost us a lot of time to handle that circumstance.

Group D – Robocat

Today we wrote almost the whole software on Processing and we connected the majority of our hardware components. So our cat is already making noise. Our big Problem like in group D: Processing doesn’t support Servos and so we have to use arduino to handle this problem.

Group E – Alarm Clock with Lego

Even though in the morning didn’t work anything, we reached a lot today. We connected two servos to our arduino, created two ways to put the Lego on the alarm clock and fixed our other components to the Lego shell. We just have one problem left: The pieces of Lego don’t have a good connectivity, so sometimes the alarm doesn’t switch off when we have connected all the Lego pieces. But we’ll handle this tomorrow.

Group F – Freetime manager:

The table has a beep function and the lights are blinking and changing colors. But now the display is not working and we have some problems with our blue light. But we are confident to finish the table until tomorrow.