Welcome to Sketching with Hardware in summer term 2013!

Our first day started out with a very basic introduction to electrical engineering (resistors, capacitors, switches) and was followed by a rather weird team-finding process.  When everybody had found their partner-animal by imitating said animals noise (or mating call?), we were ready to go. First exercises included the multimeter, soldering and LEDs, so we were prepared for the afternoon session.

After lunch, it was time for the fun part. Each team was given a keyboard, which would then be torn apart carefully disassembled. The component we looked for was the controller. It connects the keys to the computer via USB and allowed us to generate inputs in other ways than typing a key. The teams then chose a simple game and built a custom controller for it:

Team 1:

Robot Unicorn Attack – Jump to jump and shoot stars by shaking the thing in your hand. Whatever that thing was…


Team 2:

Racing game: A styrofoam steering wheel and the accelerator pedal built from a keyboard package guarantee the ultimate racing feeling.


Team 3:

Pong for feet: Why use your hands for playing pong?


Team 4:

Play curvefever with your keyboards package instead of the keyboard!


Team 5:

A recycled joystick for racing, made of whatever was left, including a drain pipe…


Team 6:

Wireless ball game – shoot a penalty with a real ball. Bluetooth keyboard hack and self coded game!