The last day of Sketching with Hardware is known to be the most hectic one, mainly because the projects have to be presented to interested visitors at twelve o’clock. Therefore each group was focused to finalize their project. Some groups were able to refine their program code, others were hectically soldering and drilling. The following “Panic-O-Meter” chart illustrates each group’s mental state over the morning.


Panic level on day seven

Panic level on day seven


Group 1:
The “Rescute“ team members finished their project already on day six and were quite relaxed on day seven. With their project finished and ready for the presentation they spent the morning capturing good sound samples and preparing their final presentation. After the presentation their panic level raised a bit. But in this case it was not project related, they had to write an important test afterwards.


Group 2:
After a hard night of working group two was focused to get their project done. They spent the whole night soldering in the universities computer lab and even slept there. Luckily they were able to finish their electronics and could concentrate on building the last train components. As they haven’t slept a lot group “Osterexpress” started with a very high stress level into the day, but as their project made good progress their panic level decremented significantly over the morning. Minutes before the presentation their project was finished and ready for the public demonstration.




Group 3:
Team “Togebear“ had to fight against some small faults, due to a bad contact inside their bear. They spent quite some time finding the exact problem, but as they found it they were able to solve it pretty quickly. The rest of the morning they focused on code optimization and cleanup. After the teddy bear passed the final functionality tests they were ready and good to go for the presentation.


Group 4:
After a hectic Tuesday team “Looping Louie” finally got their game running. The morning before the presentation should be spent for optimization and optic fixes, but it came worse. As the team played some test matches “Louie” had some blackouts and they got worse from minute to minute, until “Louie” completely denied to work. Hectically (panic level ten and higher) the team tried to resolve the problem, but could not allocate it before the presentation. Shortly after the presentation the problem was identified as a soldering error on the motor control board, which led to a complete burnout of the motor control unit.


Group 5:
Team “Madlab” detected some servomotor calibration problems in the morning. They were quite stressed as they were not sure if they could solve it until the presentation starts. Luckily they were able to find the correct motor calibration and enjoyed some test games. Servomotor control, LEDs and magnets were working properly, therefore their panic level went from “total freak-out” to “absolutely chilled”




Group 6:
The day started good for team “Ghostcamera” because their project was already working on Tuesday evening. They did some final configuration tasks and tried a lot of different test cases to ensure that the camera setup will be working properly when the public presentation starts. Because they did not run in any major problems denying a good presentation their panic level was dead low the whole morning.


At twelve o’ clock most teams were ready, others not, but the public presentation started anyway.