So there we were. Three o’clock in the morning. Two teams left. The deadline breathing down our necks. But surrender? In no possible way. Although thoughts and actions had become significantly slower, we kept focused – after all we had enough food supplies (in form of bananas, cereal bars, pizza left-overs and cookies) and the will to finish what we had begun was unbroken. And so we soldered, coded, composed and stitched throughout the whole night until the first beams of sun started to come through munich’s rooftops.


It was just at that time, when when we had reached our low point. But in the nick of time the other teams should arrive and give us new hope. Well rested and highly motivated they entered the course room at about nine o’clock and spread a vibe of optimism and vigor. And so everybody rolled up one’s sleeves for the final sprint.


And so it was no surprise that almost every team had finished their project in time when at 1 pm it was about time for the final presentation. Friends, researchers and and department employees got a short introduction into the topic and afterwards the teams presented their final prototypes (videos coming soon).


After every prototype had been inspected and checked out and all questions had been answered, there was only one task left – cleaning up the mess. And so every wire, every resistor, every LED, every motor, every sensor end every arduino was collected, sorted by type, length or color and stored away. But just until next year, when the next twelve students are about to learn how to sketch with hardware…