At 9:00 am we continued to work on our prototypes. For most groups it was the day of putting things together and testing the software and the interface. Of course this created a bit of chaos. But things turned out to be fine 🙂

Group ‘Interactive GeoCaching Box’ worked on the LEDs and the software functions. The prototype flag could already show the right direction.

Group ‘PEO – Personal Energy Orp’ tried a wireless transmittion but it didn’t work out, so they had to find another way to do it.

Group ‘Tom’ build and rebuild their flag and could already present the directions. With the laser cutted acryl glas is already looked wonderful.

Group ‘Energy Fight’ worked on the composition of their box components and started to test the game. The game board was improved by colour codes for the players.

Group ‘Environment Jukebox’ worked on integrating more sensors and building the radio box. The produced music already sounded great.

Group ‘Team Twist’ cutted a lot lot lot of acryl glas and build new sensors. The different levels were implemented.