The fourth day mainly consisted of building prototypes for the projects. There was no schedule for the day, so each group was free to manage the time on their own.

After the project ideas were set on Monday, for most of the groups the main target for the day was to verify the technical feasability of their ideas. For each project, that meant a different challenge. Mostly, that was to get a working circuit with the intended functionality on the breadboard.

Due to the diverse nature of the projects, a lot of different technologies were explored. From Wi-Fi to Xbee wireless transmitters, GPS, Motors and a lot of different sensors, each group had its own hardware set to tinker with. Even the smell of the laser-cutting machine was noticeable a few times the day.

While building the prototypes, it got obvious that some ideas didn’t work out as expected. Hence, two groups changed their project topics for the sake of better feasability. After all, it seemed to be a successful and funny day for everyone, thanks to Hendrik’s extensive support.

For most of the groups the lab day ended at 5, while some eager groups tortured their Arduinos till 8 in the evening.