The last day before the course’s end started.

Some teams had already comleted their protoypes’ main features and thus could concentrate on optimizing them and implementing additional features. Team “Bird hat” surprised with its needlework skills once again and created a wool bobble as input option for their inflatable hat. Teams “Blowfish” and “Ambileon” mainly dealed with their prototypes’ looks.


Meanwhile, other teams were busy to complete their prototypes on the whole and were forced to work through a twelve-hour day. Verena, assistant of the course, fortunately agreed to stay until 9:30 pm. During this time, three duplicates of the glow worm prototype were built, and team “Venus flytrap” was able to implement the program logic for their electronic plant.

We were pleased that a little guest visited us and stayed the whole day: Hendriks son came to test some prototypes and so sweetened our stressful day.