Today’s work was characterized by a lot of cutting, milling, shaping, etc.

All teams were in the progress of building different kinds of frames or cases to house the technical parts of their projects.

Consequently, the workbenches and drilling machines were in great demand.

Thanks to a Laser-Cutter available on the second floor, workable material wasn’t limited to wood.

The wonderfully pleasant smell pouring out  of the cutter told every visitor of the acrylic glass that was being cut.

First, the students sketched their drafts on paper, discussed different versions and later redesigned them in Adobe Illustrator.

Parts, the Laser-Cutter should cut out had to be set as hairlines (<0,001mm), while thicker lines could be used to imprint the parts with logos and other decorations.

The results looked so professional that more than one team decided to rebuild parts of their (eg. wooden) frames from glass.

Alongside this modelling, the projects’ technical aspects continued to mature and substantial progress was evident by the staggering amount of blinking LEDs, buzzing motors and humming compressors.