Startup Slideshow

Short one-slide presentations opened the fourth day of the course. Each team had prepared a sketch of their project’s basic concept to show to the others. If you’re interested, you can view them here:

Team 1 | Team 2 | Team 3 | Team 4 | Team 5 | Team 6

Some discussion about what to do first and what could possibly go horribly wrong followed. Luckily enough, it soon became clear that atomic explosions were not to be expected – for now. And that was it with preparation – now let the work begin!

Workshop Workout

The rest of the day we spent working on our circuits, mechanical elements, insanity and so on. Some of us went shopping to get missing parts, some others spread out through the institute’s builduing looking for a drilling machine or whatever vital tool seemed to be severely lacking in existance. Overall, a buzz of creativity sweeped the rooms. It was only broken by (mostly) silent curses, shouted test-activations of audio sensors and the cracking of an old printer being torn apart, salvaging its precious, precious motors. You get the impression.

Resting for now

At the end of the day, several prototypes grew in size, complexity or both. We’re still waiting for that special moment when someone would shout “Eureka!”, but we have already heard a fair share of various non-greek exclamations. A bit worn out, we dropped our soldering irons and laser printers (not literally of course) and let the heat and dust settle in the workshop. Now, to bed, and then: Onwards to the next day!