A little homework bridged the gap between the second and the third day: To gather some inspiration, we searched the web for interesting hardware projects to share with our fellow students. The next morning, we presented whatever gadgets were lucky enough to find our approval – or sometimes maybe even awe. It was quite interesting, to say the least, to see what others are up to with custom hardware hacking – and that some people might even have a little bit too much spare time on their hands to feel comfortable with. Let’s just say that the world seems to be home to some more (evil?) genius tinkeres than the rather sparse appearance of new Frankenstein movies lately suggests. The following list contains our findings, including links and videos. Enjoy the show!

Keyless Entry Prototype

Dual-Servo Laser Pan

Bend Sensor contolling MaxMSP via an Arduino



Step by step instructions

LED Color Organ


Project page

“Enough already”

The Useless Machine

…and another one. Ok, just one more.

Laser Harp

Project page

The Weatherclock

Project page

The Imaginary Marching Band

Project page