The third day’s topic was all about the means to come up with awesome ideas: Brainstorming!

Having received some basic guidelines on “proper brainstorming” each team was equipped with a poster-sized sheet of paper, some magic markers and post-its. Given this starting situation there was nothing that could keep us from diving into a world of crazy, creative, fantastic – heck, sometimes even a little deviant – ideas and scenarios.

After assembling piles of ideas onto our posters, each team presented their concepts and gathered some feedback to finally be able to face the brutal truth: There can only be one!

So this is what might become real in the foreseeable future:

  • A dice that is thrown by sound
  • A “spheric plotter”
  • A cannon aimed by a sensor glove
  • A multimodal metronome
  • A wall-mounted, circular music controller