Oh – what a productive day!

After the third day of our projects, there are just a few hours left to complete our works and to present the results to our lecturers and to other interested people. Therefore, all of us worked really hard and concentrated during that day and we can show you some interesting improvements of the prototypes we are developing.

Group A – Interactive Wardrobe:

Today, we connected almost the whole electronic, our board of buttons and two separates modules. Our problem for that moment is the communication between the two modules that is currently not working.

Group B – Interactive door mat

Today we reached out that all the LEDs are working well. We also wrote our Software for the communication with arduino and the mat. Our current problem is now, that our input method is not working correctly. The output works and the LEDs are blinking but our software doesn’t communicate with the mat.

Group C – Coffee Timer

Today we had our hardware final touch. But the big problem for that moment is, that Processing doesn’t work with our servos and we planed our project with processing. So it will cost us a lot of time to handle that circumstance.

Group D – Robocat

Today we wrote almost the whole software on Processing and we connected the majority of our hardware components. So our cat is already making noise. Our big Problem like in group D: Processing doesn’t support Servos and so we have to use arduino to handle this problem.

Group E – Alarm Clock with Lego

Even though in the morning didn’t work anything, we reached a lot today. We connected two servos to our arduino, created two ways to put the Lego on the alarm clock and fixed our other components to the Lego shell. We just have one problem left: The pieces of Lego don’t have a good connectivity, so sometimes the alarm doesn’t switch off when we have connected all the Lego pieces. But we’ll handle this tomorrow.

Group F – Freetime manager:

The table has a beep function and the lights are blinking and changing colors. But now the display is not working and we have some problems with our blue light. But we are confident to finish the table until tomorrow.