In medias res – we started!

Since this morning we are actually working on our projects which each team has to complete until Friday, 1 pm.So each team is strongly motivated and very concentrated on their jobs and everyone has a special task which has to be completed after that day.

In the morning, we brought all the electronic stuff we could use to our lecture room, so our work environment looks like a little scrapyard.

Each team started immediately with its work and it seems like everyone has fun and a high interest to reach the personal goal.

Here are some impressions of the work of each team and our atmosphere in which we are progressing our idea of a new communication form.

Team 3 is working with their “ROBOCAT”

Not only electronic components are important, but also raw materials like wood.

The first steps of the new Coffee-meeting-machine

And this will be a new way to coordinate the free time activities.