After lunchtime we had almost two hours to continue developing our idea of a project which can be found under the topic of “communication”. Each team continued working with one idea of the brainstorming phase. It was important to draw six sketches about one user scenario.


The Results:

Group A:

Anna Follmann, Beatrix Vad

Keyframes Group A

Group B:

Johannes Preis, Chadly Marouane

Keyframes Group B

Group C:

Verena Lerch, Frederick Brudy

Keyframes Group C

Group D:

Maraike Stuffler, Robert Rödler

Keyframes Group D

Group E:

Kyun-Jing Park, Lorenz Schauer

Keyframes Group E

Group F:

Verena Hillgärtner, Bernhard Hering

Keyframes Group F