When dealing with electrical components it is important to know their parameters as operating voltage, operating current and so on. Therefore the first step when using a new component, in our case an IC timer, is to look up the corresponding datasheet. Therefore you need to reed the code (numbers or letters) on the component and google it (in our example: “555 SNC datasheet”). Sometimes it is helpful to look also at datasheets from other providers as the datasheets vary and some may provide more details than others.

We used the following datasheet which can be found at http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/stmicroelectronics/2182.pdf

IC Timer Datasheet

A datasheet contains all the information you need to use the component. It starts with a general description and the pin connections, a schematic circuit diagram of the component, absolute maximum ratings, operating conditions, electrical characteristics, and application information.

As we wanted to use the component for astable operations we only used the following diagram for the implementation of our application on the bread board:

IC Timer Snapshot Datasheet