Have you ever asked yourself, how to create a mega cool game controller for your favorite games?

Yes? – But did you also think about creating it by yourself? If you think, that this is very complicated and to expensive for you, let me tell you: it’s not!

The practical course “Sketching with hardware” at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University started today. During the following 7 days, students of that course will learn to use electronic components, to create new creative user interactions and they will realize their own hardware project. Theoretical background about physical laws and electricity is also taught like the practical usage of instruments to build a new and useful controller out of old electronic components.

Sketching with hardware is fun and students can experiment with many different components and instruments.

But the best thing is: it doesn’t have to cost much money to create a mega cool game controller or a creative user interaction method!

In our practical course, we just use old or cheap electronic components, we put them together and so, with many ideas and updates, we’ll be able to create a new and powerful or just funny method of user interaction at the end of your journey.


But let’s talk about what happened today in the first lesson.

After we had introduced ourselves, the lecturers put us into two-pairs, because the course and the project have to be realized by two. We changed places and listened to the theoretical part about physical and electronic backgrounds. We saw some tutorials which gave us a good introduction about resistors, solder practice and transistors.

Before lunch time, we had some practical exercises of soldering.

SWH Slides Part One